The Flying Tempeh Bros.
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What We Do

Since 2015, The Flying Tempeh Bros. have been serving foodies and vegetarians this delicious & nutritious, whole food protein. In our shop, we produce the finest artisan tempeh honoring the traditional Indonesian slow fermentation process to achieve optimal flavor, making every piece of tempeh worth your patience. We are passionate about our handmade, unpasteurized tempeh and believe once you and your customers try it, you will taste the difference! The Flying Tempeh Bros. produce tempeh in small batches out of our shop located in South Austin.

What is Tempeh?

Our tempeh is a fermented food grown on any legume paired with Rhizopus Oligosporus, a mushroom-like fungus. The FDA considers tempeh a converted food, no longer the legume or the fungi are recognized, it is a new whole food called tempeh! Unlike tofu, our tempeh is a firmer and pleasantly textured food high in protein, fiber, and active enzymes to aid in digestion. Our tempeh has a savory, yet slightly sweet, mushroomy & nutty flavor. Tofu and other meat alternatives are concentrated in such an unnatural, manufactured way that our bodies often have difficulty obtaining the desired nutrition. This among many other benefits places tempeh in the running for the newest superfood. Because of its nutritional value and versatility, tempeh is used worldwide in all types of cuisine. Our tempeh is frozen at peak ripeness without pasteurization. By freezing our tempeh, it remains living while keeping the delicious mycelium intact.

Although, tempeh originated in today’s Indonesia, and is especially popular on the island of Java, where it is a staple source of protein, it is becoming more and more popular here in the U.S. with local tempeh shops popping up in cities throughout the states.


"TEMPEH, the real unbelievably beyond impossible SUPERFOOD protein from the past and for the future."

— Your Taste Buds & Your Gut

The way of the Tempeh…

The Flying Tempeh Bros. was founded by two brothers, Josh & Matt Chapman hailing from Gainesville, FL. After gaining some “way of the tempeh” knowledge from our homie & guru, Art Guy of Artomoro Tempeh Company based out of Gainesville, FL, we decided to venture to Austin, TX to share this this tasty, foody food with all of Texas! After 4 years of growing our business and perfecting the craft of tempeh in Central Texas as the dynamic duo we are, my brother Matt has decided to take his skills and passions in fermenting and cooking off to other new and exciting places. But, the legacy us two brothers started lives on in the name and remains with my family and myself, Josh Chapman.